Unlike Any Other

RevolutionAire units are the first of their kind to combine variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and heat recovery technology in a single product. Our patented design keeps your environment cooler, cleaner, and more efficient than ever.   

Compatible with Existing Equipment

RevolutionAire units are retrofit solutions designed to be compatible with existing boiler/chiller equipment, ductwork, and control systems.


Our units are designed for classrooms with students of all ages. Quiet operation promotes focus, and our pencil-proof grill prevents potentially destructive shenanigans.

Affordable for School budgets

Efficient units deliver long-term energy savings, and our retrofit design minimizes change-out expenses, freeing up your renovation budget.

Quick, Easy Repairs

With an accessible front cabinet and simplified layout, RevolutionAire units make regular maintenance a breeze. Changing filters and checking performance takes only a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Lead time is dependent on the order detail. The average lead time is currently between 8-12 weeks. Please call our office for more details. 

Our units provide a local fresh air source from the outside of the building directly through the wall. In most buildings, this eliminates the need for a centralized DOAS unit and the accompanying ductwork system.

The price of a RevolutionAire unit ranges based on customization, quantity, and more. Unlike competitors, RevolutionAire units deliver long-term energy savings, thanks to our unique combined VRF and heat recovery system. RevolutionAire units also help eliminate the need for DOAS (direct outside air systems) and structural reconfiguration, significantly reducing renovation costs.

  • Horizontal or vertical units
  • Countertop color options
  • Ionization and UV purification systems
  • ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) plate /core style or rotary type enthalpy heat exchangers
  • Customizable controls system
  • Hydronic heating and capabilities

Please contact our office for more information about our customization capabilities.

We offer a one year overall parts and labor warranty. Select designs may benefit from further manufacturer warranties. 

Yes! Our needlepoint ionization systems or UV purification add-ons keep units clean and reduce bacteria propagation. Localized fresh air systems also reduce airborne cross-contamination between rooms, unlike traditional units with shared ductwork.

RevolutionAire units can integrate with most Building Automation Systems (BAS) via BACnet IP. We have add-on routers available to convert to BACnet MS/TP as well. Call our office to learn more about other integration options.